Mobile Document Shredding

Document Shredding Services

Document Shredding Service Did you know that Marin Sanitary Service has a document shredding service? We do! We provide safe, secure document shredding services for

Plastic Container Recycling

Why Is Plastic Recycling So Difficult?

Why is it so difficult to recycle plastic?   Well, it’s complicated. From chemical composition to consumer behavior, there’s a lot to it. We encourage

MSS Holiday Newsletter Thumbnail

Winter 2019 MSS Newsletter

  The Winter/Holiday 2019 Marin Sanitary Service newsletter is out and should be arriving in your mailbox. Be sure to check it out to learn

No! Parody Recycling Video

No! (That Isn’t Recyclable) Music Video

[break] What happens when you mix recycling education with a Maghan-Trainor-inspired song and a dash of silly? [break] This parody video! [break] Made by our

California Coastal Cleanup Day 2019

Join California Coastal Cleanup Day

On the third Saturday in September California cleans up! California Coastal Cleanup Day welcomes more than 60,000 volunteers who will pick up hundreds of thousands of

Plastic Bottles

America’s History with Plastics

  Ever wonder just how we got to be so dependent on plastics? In Never gonna give you up: how plastic seduced America, journalist Susan Strasser

Recycling Word Cloud

The Case for Recycling Optimism

[break] There’s no doubt that the recycling industry is changing. Over the last few years there have been significant fluctuations in the markets for plastics

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