Plastic Bottles

America’s History with Plastics

  Ever wonder just how we got to be so dependent on plastics? In Never gonna give you up: how plastic seduced America, journalist Susan Strasser takes us on tour of America’s plastic story from first production in 1907, to the

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Recycling Word Cloud

The Case for Recycling Optimism

[break] There’s no doubt that the recycling industry is changing. Over the last few years there have been significant fluctuations in the markets for plastics and other recyclables that have caused us (and everyone else) to reevaluate the status quo.

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Marin Sanitary Spring 2019 Newsletter

Spring 2019 MSS Newsletter

[break][break] Spring 2019 MSS Newsletter [break] The Spring 2019 Marin Sanitary Service newsletter is out and should be arriving in your mailbox. [break] In it we cover the new website, our new “Where’s it Go, Joe?” online tool and mobile

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Marin Sanitary Can Recycling

Webinar Debunks Recycling Myths

[break] The Container Recycling Institute (CRI) knows a thing or two about recycling. They produce research, reporting, and education on policies and practices that empower communities to reduce waste (and related emissions) and increase recovery, reuse, and high-end/closed loop recycling

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MSS Rate Explained

2019 Rate Increase Explained

The following information is from Patricia Garbarino, President of Marin Sanitary Service. [break] [break] For the past two years, MSS has been working with jurisdictions we serve and their independent third party, R3 Consulting, to make improvements to the way rates are

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Recycle Right Guide

This guide was produced by Marin Sanitary Service, Marin Hazardous and Solid Waste Joint Powers Authority, Sonoma County Waste Management Agency, WM EarthCare, Mill Valley Refuse Service, Recology Sonoma Marin, and Bay Cities Refuse. The special section was published May

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School Program Success Stories

Marin Sanitary Service is dedicated to the goal set by Marin County to reach Zero Waste by 2025. One of the most influential populations is the student and teacher community at schools. That’s why we offer School Programs for our community.

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What is Recycling Contamination?

What is recycling contamination? It’s anything put in your curbside containers that does not belong there.  For example, if you are putting all of your recyclables in plastic bags, the plastic bag would be considered a contaminant because it is

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