EPA Recycling and PPE Disposal Reminders During COVID-19

Recycled materials are key for everything from making new products to boxes to ship products and other essential supplies for the everyday needs of hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies and American homes. There are critical needs for all raw materials in the manufacturing supply chain, especially paper and cardboard.

EPA encourages households to do their part – and recycle more and recycle right. Keep gloves, masks, and  other PPE out of recycling bins. Please do not litter these items either and instead place them in your garbage bags for proper disposal.

For more information about recycling from EPA, go to https://www.epa.gov/recycle.

To learn more about what recyclables Marin Sanitary recycling accepts, visit our Residential Recycling page.

PPE Disposable Masks Go In Garbage NOT RECYCLING
PPE Disposable Wipes Go In Garbage NOT RECYCLING
PPE Disposable Gloves Go In Garbage NOT RECYCLING

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