School Programs


Why is Waste Management important for your school?

It is Good for:

♥ the earth—less waste, less material sent to the landfill, conservation of resources

♥ the kids—environmental stewardship, leadership

♥ the school—saves money, better use of resources, can be source of revenue

Marin Sanitary Service has a School Recycling Coordinator that can help you develop and implement a comprehensive Waste Management plan at your school.  Money is tight at schools everywhere.  Let us help you stop throwing your resources away.

Program Overview

Marin Sanitary Service is in a unique position to provide complete recycling collection combined with an educational opportunity for any school or classroom (K-12) interested in participating. Our goal is to educate, equip and empower school districts, individual schools and/or classrooms to develop comprehensive waste reduction and recycling plans.

We can provide:

  • Onsite assessment and evaluation of your recycling needs.
  • Self-assessment tools (Waste Assessment Worksheet and Instructions)
  • Curbside recycling containers
  • Guide to purchasing internal sorting containers for inside and outside the classroom
  • Customized collection services
  • Educational tours of our facility–free of charge! Click for more information on tours
  • Informative and interactive assemblies or activity workshops at your school
  • Assistance with lunchtime sorting station monitoring during initial phases of your new program

Download MSS School Program Services letter for details.

Contact our School Recycling Program Coordinator, Izzy Parnell-Wolfe, at (415) 458-5539 or [email protected] to get your school started with a recycling or composting program or simply improve your already existing program. Together, your school and Marin Sanitary Service can partner to help Marin reach the Zero Waste goals by 2025 and continue to be leaders in the waste reduction movement!