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Tips for Reducing Waste During the Pandemic Part 2

Tips for Reducing Waste During the Pandemic

Tips for Reducing Waste During the Pandemic Part 2



Think about how to reduce, reuse, and repair during this time. We are not going to recycle our way out of the plastic pollution crisis, and as we make everyday adjustments this is a good time to enhance our reduce and reuse skills.

At the Store

1. Avoid plastic bags by bagging at your car.

If you want to avoid single-use plastic bags, place items back in your cart and then bag at your car with your reusable bags!

2. Make a preferential buying list for the store.

While many bulk-buying options are temporarily limited, make sure you are looking for packaging that is truly recyclable. Check out our flyers and posters, or type in items to “Where Does It Go, Joe?”.

Quick Tips:

The only plastics we take for recycling are bottles (water bottles, soda bottles), jugs (milk jugs, detergent jugs), and tubs (yogurt or butter tubs)
 Look for glass or metal containers that are easier to recycle.
 Salad mix containers, berry containers, and plastic produce bags are all trash.
 Paperboard (like pasta or cereal boxes) is recyclable. No need to tear out the plastic window.

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