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What to Do with Extra Bags and Boxes

What to Do with Extra Bags and Boxes

Are you ordering in more during Stay-at-Home? As we get more deliveries and can’t use our reusable bags at stores, paper and plastic bags and cardboard boxes are piling up!

Here are some tips from Zero Waste Marin to get started:

Paper bags: Store and reuse them, for example to hold kitchen scraps for compost.
 Plastic bags: They’re not recyclable in your curbside cart. Use them to store fruit and vegetables in the fridge and to dispose of pet waste.
 Avoid bags: Many shoppers are choosing, when possible, to just put their items back into their cart or basket without taking a bag, and then pack up items in their car or bicycle.
 Reuse boxes: Keep those boxes to store items, such as things you’re saving for donation later.
 Recycle boxes: Break them down to fit into recycling bins, making sure the lid closes.

Visit our Residential Recycling page to learn more about the materials that we accept in our curbside recycling program.

For more tips on how to minimize waste during Stay-at-Home, visit Zero Waste Marin.

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