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We love working with kids and believe that no child is too young to start learning environmental stewardship. We also know that money is tight at schools everywhere and we want to help you conserve your resources! 

Our comprehensive 4R Planet Educational Program provides educational lessons, assemblies, assessments and recommendations to help you develop and implement a comprehensive Waste Management plan at your school. Be sure to check out our Resources for School section too!

We also encourage schools to visit us for a facility tour. The kids love the hustle-and-bustle of our working facility, not to mention the “ick-factor” of the materials we process. And through all that fun, they learn about sustainability through reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting garbage, conserving our resources, and making better purchasing choices.


A recycling coordinator teaches students about recycling
School Recycling Education


Marin Sanitary 4R Planet Educational Programs

We are in a unique position to provide complete recycling collection combined with an educational opportunity for any school or classroom (K-12 or college) interested in participating. Our goal is to educate, equip and empower districts, individual schools and/or classrooms to develop comprehensive waste reduction and recycling plans.


Together, your school and Marin Sanitary Service can partner to help Marin reach the Zero Waste goals by 2025 and continue to be leaders in the waste reduction movement!

Tools & resources for schools

Thumbnail images of a few resources from the 4R Planet School program
At Marin Sanitary we believe that it’s never too soon to embrace sustainable environmental practices. In addition to the programs we offer for Marin schools, we’ve put together this tool kit of downloadable resources to help schools develop, implement, and evaluate a successful waste management plan.

4R Planet Program Overview

Download detailed information about the 4R Planet Program.

Zero Waste Schools Program

Interested in working with Zero Waste Marin to become a certified Zero Waste school? 

We Can Help!

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