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Residents of a multifamily unit pose with their compost buckets during a training
Tenants at a multifamily complex get compost buckets during a MSS recycling training.

Marin Sanitary Service provides garbagerecycling, and compostables (food scrap and yard waste) collection services to multifamily customers (defined as household dwellings of four or more units) in San Rafael, San Anselmo, Ross, Kentfield, Kent Woodlands, Fairfax, Greenbrae, Larkspur and other unincorporated areas of Marin County. We currently service more than 750 multifamily dwelling accounts and 15,000 multifamily tenants. 

In most cases, the property manager is the account holder and is responsible for all aspects of waste collection service — from setting up service to paying the bill. Occasionally, with smaller units, tenants may be individual account holders and are therefore responsible for their own services and billing.

If you are a tenant in a multifamily dwelling, please contact your property manager prior to contacting Marin Sanitary Service with questions about your service. Only account holders may start, change, stop or make additional service requests.


To start service with us for your complex, please call our office Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at (415) 456-2601 or fill out our Contact Us form and we will reach out to you.

Download our Multifamily Getting Started Guide and learn about our services, California laws and resources available to you.

MF Start Guide

Bundled service package

Multifamily customers enjoy a basic bundled service package that includes garbagerecycling, and up to four (4) carts for compostables (food scrap and yard waste) collection services for one low rate. 

When you set up service, a customer support representative will review the cart/bin and size and collection frequency options to determine what services are appropriate for the needs of your complex.

Images of the carts and bins that are part of the bundled service package

Cart sizes

Not all sizes are available at all locations and availability depends on a variety of factors including safety, accessibility, and efficiency. Requests will be assessed and approved by the route manager.

Recycling and Compostable carts are provided at no additional charge.  The minimum service level is 32 gallons per unit or equivalent volume.

Please note that dimensions are approximate and based on the manufacturer may vary slightly from those listed.

Garbage Carts

Images and dimensions of gray garbage carts for multifamily and commercial

Front Loader Garbage Bin

Roll-Off Container

Image of a commercial roll off Bin and sizes

Paper Recycling Carts

Images and dimensions of blue recycle carts for multifamily and commercial

Container Recycling Carts

Images and dimensions of brown recycle carts for multifamily and commercial

Cardboard Only Recycling Bin

Multifamily and commercial cardboard recycling bin and dimensions

Compostables Carts

Images of MSS' 2 green compostable carts and their sizes

View or download this guide that includes cart options, dimensions, and enclosure design guidelines for commercial and multifamily units.

MSS Multifamily and Commercial Enclosure Guidelines

Multifamily customers are billed monthly for collection services. Rates are determined by the size, number of landfill carts/bins used by your complex and frequency of your collection service.

In most cases, your complex’s property management office is the account holder and therefore responsible for your collection service bill. Occasionally, with smaller units, the tenant is responsible for their own bill. Please contact your property manager prior to contacting Marin Sanitary Service with questions about your service. 

If you have questions about your bill, please contact customer support at (415) 456-2601.

Tenants, to find out what day (or days) your collection services fall on, contact your property manager or call our office to speak with a customer support representative.

Please have your garbage, recycling, and compostables out in your designated carts/bins the night before your collection day.

  • Consistently contaminated or overloaded containers may result in fees.
  • Cart and bin lids must close completely. Environmental regulations dictate that cart lids must be closed at all times to prevent spillage. Containers that are consistently overloaded and not closed may indicate the need to upgrade to the next larger container size.
  • Remove any weights, bungee cords or ropes that were used to secure the lids of carts on your pick-up day. These can cause problems with the equipment and undue delays for the driver. MSS will not be responsible for loss of bungee cords, ropes, etc.
  • MSS will not be responsible for items left in, on, or around garbage, recycling, and compostable containers.
A green compostables cart overflowing with yard waste


Fees apply for any extra bags of garbage next to, on top of, or overflowing from designated containers. Extra bags must be less than 60 pounds and 32 gallons in volume.

Extra recycling carts and cardboard bins are available and no extra charge. 


If you have a large household item, such as a dryer, couch, or other similar items that require special pick-up, please contact your property manager so they can arrange a pick-up time with us. Fees apply and we require 24-hour notice prior to your regularly scheduled pick up day.

Only account holders may schedule special pick-up service with Marin Sanitary. To get a quote, call our office at (415) 456-2601. Estimates given over the phone are subject to change after a driver has assessed the load.

Once you have scheduled your pick up, please put out your special item/s out at your regular service location the night before or by 6 a.m. the day of the collection. These items may also be disposed of at the Marin Resource Recovery Center.

Missed collections must be reported within 48 hours of the service day. MSS will make every effort to return that same day if the miss is reported by noon on the service day or the following day if the miss is reported after noon on the day of service. Any misses reported after 48 hours will be subject to a fee for collection. Contact us to report a missed collection. You may also call our office at (415) 456-2601.

Moving can produce a lot of extra waste so we put together this quick reference guide to help you reduce, reuse, and move more sustainably.

Moving Guide from MSS Thumbnail

Have Questions?

Our customer support representatives are available Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at (415) 456-2601.

Recycling Laws

What you need to know about California’s mandatory composting and recycling laws.

We Can Help

We provide compost and recycling opportunity assessments, diversion planning, training, and posters to help your complex recycle successfully.
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