Multifamily Garbage/Landfill Service

Please help us in reaching Marin’s zero waste goals by making sure that what you put into your garbage belongs there and not in the recycling or compostables receptacles.


A gray Marin Sanitary Garbage Bin

Marin Sanitary Service provides a variety of cart and/or bins for the collection of multifamily unit garbage, or non-recyclable and non-compostable items. All items placed in designated garbage carts or bins will go directly to the landfill.

The size and number of garbage carts and/or bins a complex uses varies, but what goes in these garbage receptacles remains the same: garbage only. Your garbage receptacle should be clearly marked and easy to identify.

Visit our Multifamily Services page to review the size and container options for commercial customers.

Everything in the garbage cart(s) or bin goes directly to landfill.

MSS Garbage Label - items accepted in the landfill cart such as wrappers and plastic

This list isn’t comprehensive. When in doubt, please use the Where Does It Go, Joe tool to look up a what cart a specific item should go into.

Examples of items that do not go in the MSS landfill cart such as recyclables, food scraps, or HHW

This list isn’t comprehensive. When in doubt, please use the Where Does It Go, Joe tool to look up a what cart a specific item should go into.

Graphic says "Food is not Garbage" the Os in food are an apple and peach


As of January 2022, SB 1383 requires every home, apartment complex, and business in California to collect their food waste, yard waste, and paper separately from all other waste.

When organic material like food waste is landfilled, it breaks down and creates Methane – a greenhouse gas 80x more powerful than Carbon Dioxide.

More methane means more global warming, droughts, and wildfires. Do your part to stop climate change by placing your food scraps, yard waste and food-soiled paper in your green cart, not garbage. 

Where does it go, Joe?

It’s very important that we avoid contaminating our recycling or compostable streams. When in doubt, use our handy “Where Does It Go, Joe?” online tool to find out what material goes in what cart. 

GET JOE ON THE GO! You’ll always have Joe’s sorting advice at your fingertips with the Marin Sanitary Service mobile app. Download it for your Apple Device or Google Device now for free!


  • Fees apply for any extra bags of garbage next to, on top of, or overflowing from designated containers. Extra bags must be less than 60 pounds and 32 gallons in volume.

  • Extra recycling carts and cardboard bins are available and no extra charge. 

  • For information about bulky item pick-up, please see the Multifamily Services page.

Have Questions?

Our customer support representatives are available Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at (415) 456-2601

Recycling Laws

Per California law, compostables (food scraps, plant debris & food-soiled paper) and recycling must be removed from garbage containers.

Dumpster Rental

We rent debris boxes for the collection of construction and demolition (C&D), remodeling, yard waste, junk removal, and large household clean-ups.
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