Community Partners

American Soil & Stone:  For over 20 years, American Soil & Stone has been supplying the professional design community with a rich variety of products including Home Grown: Marin’s Own Compost.

Central Marin Sanitation Agency: CMSA operates the largest wastewater treatment facility in Marin County and partners with MSS on the Food to Energy program.

Conservation Corps North Bay:  Provides a diverse group of youth and young adults with opportunities to transform their lives through education, employability, civic engagement, and leadership. MSS partners with CCNB at many local community events to increase diversion rates and to educate customers on the importance of recycling and composting.

Marin Builders Association:  Provide expert guidance to city, county and state governments on building and development policies and have dedicated themselves to improving the public’s understanding of the construction industry. They provide representation of construction industry views before governmental agencies as well as a wide range of public protection programs.

Marin School of Environmental Leadership: MarinSEL provides high school students with real world, field-based opportunities to build leadership skills while they become stewards of the environment.

Resilient Neighborhoods: Resilient Neighborhood EcoTeams undertake carbon-reducing actions that make a difference. Teams meet 5 times, calculate their carbon footprints, & then choose from a menu of actions that reduce household CO2 emissions by at least 5,000 pounds per household.

San Anselmo Quality of Life Commission: The Quality of Life Commission of the Town of San Anselmo is charged with promoting sustainability and securing a high quality of life for San Anselmo residents.

San Rafael Clean Coalition:  San Rafael Clean is a group of individual volunteers, organizations, and businesses who have joined together with the shared goal of keeping our city clean and free of litter.

San Rafael Fire Department: Aside from keeping Marin residents safe, the San Rafael Fire Department partners with the County of Marin and MSS in running the Marin Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

Sustainable Fairfax: A nonprofit organization that runs the Fairfax Zero Waste program and provides educational programs to teach home-scale sustainability practices, as well as host panels and forums on topics like landfill reduction, environmental practices, clean energy, and more.

Sustainable Marin: A non-profit organization of volunteers who advocate and educate about sustainability at the County level in Marin.

Sustainable San Rafael: An all-volunteer group of folks dedicated to advocacy and education to help bring about a healthy and aware society.

WM Earthcare: Offers a sustainable solution to Bay Area gardeners and landscapers who want to reduce their carbon footprint while enriching the landscape. They are the primary composting facility for all of Marin’s yard and food waste.


Zero Waste Marin: Is the Marin Hazardous and Solid Waste JPA (Joint Powers Authority), with representatives all over Marin County. They help residents and businesses reduce and recycle their solid waste and safely dispose of hazardous materials.
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