F2E Logo_FINAL (2)What Is Food 2 Energy?

At Marin Sanitary Service, our commitment to finding the highest and best use of our collected material is never ending. In 2014, Marin Sanitary Service (in partnership with CMSA) launched the Food 2 Energy program to convert every banana peel, stale loaf of bread, and meat trimming into a renewable energy source right here in Marin County.

The program takes food waste from local restaurants and grocery stores and converts the material into a bio-gas through Anaerobic Digestion. The power generated is used at CMSA to pump water, run filters, and clean Marin’s waste water before it goes into the bay.

Tools for Success

F2E Training Guide,        F2E Guideline Poster ,      How F2E Works Infographic

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Why Participate?

Greenhouse Gas Reduction – When food waste is sent to the landfill, it undergoes a type of decomposition without oxygen. This process creates an abundant amount of methane gas that is 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide, which seeps into the atmosphere. The F2E program captures that methane and transforms it into a less harmful carbon dioxide gas.
Save Money – The F2E program’s rate is greatly decreased from the garbage rate. We encourage participants to reduce their garbage service after enrolling in F2E reduces their overall bill.
Advertising – Participants will receive program window decals and will be able to use the F2E logo on print materials and on their website to assure customers that they support Zero Waste.
Landfill Diversion – In a 2014 study, MSS found that around 30% of all material is sent to Redwood Landfill is food waste. Diverting the food waste reduces the amount of solid waste sent there, which increases the longevity of the site.

Do you have excess edible food?extrafood

Contact ExtraFood.org for pickup or for more information on their free county-wide food recovery program.