The Container Recycling Institute (CRI) knows a thing or two about recycling. They produce research, reporting, and education on policies and practices that empower communities to reduce waste (and related emissions) and increase recovery, reuse, and high-end/closed loop recycling of beverage containers, packaging and printed paper.

In their latest webinar titled, “Duty to Warn: New Impending Crises & Price Drops and How that Impacts Recycling Programs” they explained financial challenges facing the recycling community in 2019 and debunked the notion that plastic and aluminum recyclables are so valuable that they essentially pay for curbside recycling service.

The webinar also addressed such topics as:

  • Why has there been such a large drop in prices for aluminum cans. (UBCs)
  • Which materials have strong domestic markets, which have historically relied on exports, and how is that changing in 2019.
  • The state of California redemption centers now that more than 1,000 have closed in the last four years.
  • What all this change means for the average cost of recycling collection both for recycling centers and ratepayers.
  • The truth about post-National Sword opportunities

You can read more about the webinar and topics covered here.

Learn more about CRI by visiting their website at

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