There’s no doubt that the recycling industry is changing. Over the last few years there have been significant fluctuations in the markets for plastics and other recyclables that have caused us (and everyone else) to reevaluate the status quo. As we react and take measures to address these changes, it’s easy to feel discouraged about recycling, but today we came across an article that reminded us that what we need at this pivotal moment is optimism.
[break] In the Waste 360 article “Why (and How) to Talk Optimistically About Recycling Right Now” author Kate Bailey provides several upshots to the current market woes that she says are a testament that recycling is going to come out stronger. Specifically she lists:
[break] • We are (finally!) investing in domestic recycling processing and markets.
• We are recognizing recycling is more about quality than tonnage.
• We are starting to have a real conversation about plastics.
• We are shifting responsibility from cities to producers.
• We are getting closer to talking about the true costs.
• We are looking beyond the blue bin.
[break] To read the full article, and tap into Bailey’s educated optimism, click here.
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