School Program Success Stories

Marin Sanitary Service is dedicated to the goal set by Marin County to reach Zero Waste by 2025. One of the most influential populations is the student and teacher community at schools. That’s why we offer School Programs for our community. We hope that by educating the youngest members of our society the effects will trickle upward and provide positive impacts throughout the rest of the County. Schools are a place where leadership, community, and responsibility are all valued and praised, why not include sustainability into this equation?

Here are just a few examples of successful programs at local schools.

Dixie Elementary School

Dixie School District worked hard in 2012 to develop a comprehensive waste plan that can be used by any district. Click here to download the the The Dixie District Waste Diversion Program.

Dixie Elementary School spent several years enhancing their recycling program with the help of Marin Sanitary Service. Download the case study to see their results of the Dixie District Waste Reduction Case Study 2011.

Laurel Dell Elementary School

Laurel Dell Elementary was the subject of an intensive pilot study to measure the effects of outreach and education on zero waste efforts at a school conducted by Marin Sanitary Service in partnership with Zero Waste Marin, Conservation Corps North Bay, and Strategic Energy Innovations. Laurel Dell received hands on training and assistance with every step of the program and finished the pilot with decreased garbage service levels by 25%, and increased recycling and composting services as well as an increased level of sorting participation school wide. The effects of this pilot study lead to more engagement from staff and students in regards to zero waste efforts and goals. Laurel Dell will serves as a model school for the rest of Marin County.

Below is a list of changes the school implemented that helped lead to their success:

  • Removed garbage cans from around lunch eating area
  • Created one large sorting station with signage (included landfill cart, container recycling cart, compost cart, and a small shelf for extra uneaten food)
  • Created a Green Team of 4th and 5th graders that rotate every week monitoring the lunch sorting station
  • Placed container recycling, compost, and paper recycling bins in each classroom (with labels that show what goes in each bin)
  • Got a new cart for the custodian that had 3 compartments for waste to allow him to properly empty the classroom bins, while also making his job easier and more efficient!
  • Had MSS and SEI education specialists conduct an in class lesson for each classroom on proper sorting
  • Decreased garbage service levels after implementing new changes…Saved resources and money!

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