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Recycling Is a Trip!

Recycling Is a Trip! Fun Videos for All Ages

Have you ever wondered what happens with all the bottles, cans, and paper in the recycling cart? 

Or why trash in recycling is a problem? 

Or maybe if there’s a better option than recycling?

Meet Dave the Recycling Fairy, the star of Zero Waste Marin’s latest videos for young people and their families. Packed with whoa-worthy facts and cool animation, the four-minute clips will soon bring some zero waste magic to our schools.

Recycling Is a Trip!

In this video, Dave the Recycling Fairy shows what happens to the stuff we throw away, and how it gets recycled into useful new stuff IF it is thrown in the right place.

Zero Waste Begins at Home

In this video, Dave the Recycling Fairy appears to point out that more stuff is not better…and that there are great ways to reduce your use.

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