Marin Sanitary Educational Resources

Educational Programs

Every year, more than 2,500 students and adults from all over the Bay Area and beyond tour our award-winning facility. For generations, children and adults have toured the Marin Sanitary Service property, discovering what makes MSS unique and a leader in the industry.

We know that education and outreach are two of the biggest influences on the success of Zero Waste Programs and the more we all work together – the closer we’ll be toward reaching our environmental goals. We take great pride in the free educational opportunities we offer our community and invite you to join us to learn more about what we do.


Come visit us or take a virtual tour of our facility.


4R Planet Educational Program, school waste management resources, and more!


Special events, weekend community tours, workshops, and more.  


Help our county save valuable resources and provide lifelong lessons to our students by becoming a certified Zero Waste School. This program, brought to you by Zero Waste Marin, will help you implement important composting and recycling programs to comply with mandatory state laws.
Marin Zero Waste Schools Program
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