Debris Box Rental

All Rates effective 5-15-17    

Debris boxes are commonly rented for the collection of construction & demolition materials; yard waste; and large household clean-ups. You may dispose of any material in these boxes weighing less than 500 lbs. per cubic yard EXCEPT: dirt, rock, concrete, roofing materials (see below for dirt box rentals) and hazardous waste. Program details and prices are subject to change. Please call Marin Sanitary Service at (415) 456-2601 for program details and questions regarding pricing.  

All debris boxes are processed through the Marin Resource Recovery Center to collect any recyclable materials from the debris. Hazardous materials may not be placed in a debris box but can be disposed of for a fee for commercial customers or free of charge for residential customers at the Marin Household Hazardous Waste Facility . 


Additional $100 per ton charge for boxes over maximum weight

Size Cost Dimensions
Max weight/ton Length Width Height
3 yard $127.00 0.75 6′ 3’6″ 4′
5 yard $194.00 1.25 6’6″ 4′ 4’6
10 yard $315.00 2.5 12′ 4’6″ 5′
18 yard $500.00 4.5 13’10” 7’6″ 4’6″
25 yard $652.00 6.25 17’9″ 7’5″ 5′
30 yard $780.00 7.5 18′ 7′ 6″ 7′
38 yard $990.00 9.5 20′ 7’6″ 7′


If you need to dispose of materials that are over 500 lbs. per yard, you may order a dirt box.

There is an additional fee for contamination and material must be level with the top of the box. 

Size Cost Dimensions
Length Width Height
5yd Dirt $330.00 12′ 4’6″ 2’6″
10yd Dirt  $  580.00 13’10” 7’6″ 3′


 (Composition/tar & gravel/asphalt shingles)

Size Cost Dimensions
Length Width Height
10 yard  $446.00 12′ 4’6″ 5′
18 yard  $719.00 13’10 7’6″ 4’6

*One cubic yard is equivalent to seven, 32-gallon containers 


  • All boxes may be kept for 6 days. Boxes will be automatically removed on the seventh day.
  • A nominal fee will be applied to boxes kept beyond the 6-day limit. Licensed contractors are exempt from any time limits when ordering 10 yard and 18 yard general debris boxes and 5 yard dirt boxes.  All other boxes will be removed on the seventh day.
  • Prices on debris boxes subject to change.
  • Boxes must be placed in a legal parking area.
  • Boxes cannot be left in red zone parking areas or where overnight parking is prohibited.

*Fees will be applied to boxes that are over weight and/or over loaded.

You may be required by the city/town/county to obtain an encroachment permit anytime you wish to perform any work in  the public right-of-way such as a public street or sidewalk. This is your responsibility and cannot be handled by MSS. A permit is not needed for boxes placed on private property.