Service Options and Containers

Collection Services and Cart Options

Marin Sanitary Service wants your business to maximize its recycling efforts. Basic commercial services include daily or weekly garbage, recycling, and organics collection depending upon your service needs. Appropriate container options are provided as part of our service.

When you call (415) 456-2601 to start your new service, you may select the size cart that best suits your property’s needs. You can also change the size of your container by calling the number above. Customers may opt to buy their own compactors for commercial debris instead of using the ones provided by Marin Sanitary Service. These compactors are subject to a tonnage plus hauling rate structure.

Rates are based on container size (excluding compactors) and are set by the city or town in which your business is located. Remember, the more you recycle, the more you can save–money AND resources!


commercial container sizes

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Collection Rules