Marin Sanitary Service is Committed to Overcoming Racism and Injustice


We are appalled by events involving racial injustice in the U.S. The murders of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd show how much work we have to do to build a stronger, more equal, and safer society.

No organization is immune from the challenges posed by racial bias. As a company committed to racial equality, we must also consider where racial disparity exists in our own organization and not tolerate our shortcomings. We strive to do this each day and commit to increase this focus through the anti-harassment trainings that we provide. Our goal is to provide the kinds of resources to help our company engage in productive conversation and to take meaningful action to change any structure or culture that contributes to bias, harassment or that limits an employee’s personal and professional growth and development at Marin Sanitary.

We can only heal these wounds by building a more diverse and inclusive company and by contributing to a more just society. We will cultivate honest, open relationships and friendships. We commit to these efforts to foster a more inclusive culture for our employees and for the future of our company!

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