How to Curbside Compost

 Don’t Put Food in the Garbage!

Give it New Life in Your Green Cart!


1.  Designate a “Food Compost” container for your kitchen. You can purchase containers at most home improvement stores or online or reuse an old coffee can or metal bowl.

2.  Post the list of acceptable food scraps in a visible place, near the container or taped to it, to help remind you.

compost_container bowl_composter metal_composter

3. Fill it up!

4. Empty it often into your green cart to avoid smells and attracting pests.

5. Remember to put your green cart out by the curb every week.

*If you do not like having to frequently rinse out and clean your container, you can always use newspaper or other compostable liner such as paper bags.

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Cooking Demo – Composting to Reduce Waste