Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have additional carts?

Our residential 3-cart program provides one for garbage (landfill), One 64 gallon split cart for recycling, and one organics cart for yard waste/food scraps/food soiled paper. Garbage (landfill) carts are available in 20, 32, 64 and 96 gallon sizes.  You may upsize your garbage cart or add an additional cart for an increased monthly rate. We have split cart recycling containers in 64 or 96 gallon sizes. If you have a 64 gallon split cart for recycling, you can upsize to a 96 gallons for no extra fee.  We offer organics carts in 32 and 64 gallon sizes.  Additional recycling and organics carts are available for a small monthly fee.

Why do I need to space my carts 2 ft. apart?

We are now using automatic trucks that utilize a hydraulic tipping arm. Since the drivers no longer get out of the trucks, we ask that you space your carts 2 ft. apart from each other and from cars, mailboxes, and trees so the tipping arms can easily access your carts.

What can I do with large items that I need to dispose of?

If the item is still useful, we suggest that you try and find a reuse center that will take it as a donation. Otherwise, you can schedule a bulky item pickup or drop it off at the Marin Resource Recovery Center. *Special handling fees may apply.

Can plastic bags be put in the recycling cart?

No. Plastic bags clog our sorting machine when placed in your curbside container. Please only put these in the gray landfill cart. Some grocery stores will take back clean plastic bags at designated locations.

Should I keep the caps on or take them off? 

Keep the caps on your bottles and jars.

Can I recycle milk cartons?

Not in your curbside container. While cartons and aseptic containers can be recycled in some systems, our facility is not setup to process this material.

Can I put compostable plastics in the green cart?

Unfortunately, we do not accept compostable plastics in the organics (green) cart or the recycling cart. Redwood Landfill produces compost from local yard trimmings and residential food scraps. Because it is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for organic farming applications and participates in the US Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance program, it cannot accept any plastics at all even those labeled as “compostable” or “biodegradable”.  All compostable/ bio-based plastics should be placed in the gray landfill bin.  Click here for info on the compost facility at redwood Landfill.

What can I do to prevent odors in my compost cart?

Try keeping your cart in a cool dry place and mixing the wet materials (food waste and grass clippings) with dry materials (leaves, paper, and straw). Consider keeping your food scraps in the freezer and putting the leftovers in your cart the night before your collection night.

Where can I get the finished compost?

Compost can be purchased from WM Earth Care and American Soil and Stone year round. We have a compost giveaways every year at our Customer Appreciation Day.

What should I do if my cart is missed on my service day?

If it is after noon on your service day, please call our Customer Service Department at (415) 456-2601 to report the miss. We will send a driver back out to your residence as soon as possible.

I have a large cardboard box; what should I do?

Please break down the box as best as you can into 2X2X2 bundles and place them beside your recycling cart. Alternatively, you can drop the box off at the Marin Resource Recovery Center free of charge.

Which light bulb is hazardous waste and which one can I throw away?  

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are considered hazardous waste and can be brought to the Marin Household Hazardous Waste Facility for proper disposal. Incandescent lightbulbs can be put in your garbage bin or brought to the facility for recycling.

Why do we have a split cart?  Why is dual stream more efficient than single stream?

Having a dual stream program allows for more recycling because paper products do not become soiled by liquids and are not shredded by broken glass. It also makes it easier to hand sort the rest of the materials.

What to do if my cart is broken?

Please call the office (415) 456-2601 as soon as you can and we will exchange it with a new one.

What to do if my cart is dirty?

If you do not want to clean your cart, you can always schedule a steam cleaning for a nominal fee by calling (415) 456-2601.

Where does this go? 

  • Aluminum Foil – Recycling Cart
  • Batteries – Drop off at MHHW
  • Bamboo – Landfill Cart
  • Bones – Green Cart
  • Citrus – Green Cart
  • CFLs – Drop off at MHHW
  • Compostable Plastics- Landfill Cart
  • Cooking Oil –
    • < 16oz Green Cart,
    • >16oz Drop off at MHHW
  • Dead Animals- Please do not place dead animals in any MSS cart.  Contact the Marin Humane Society for assistance on dead animal removal.
  • Diapers – Landfill Cart
  • Dishes & Ceramics – Landfill Cart
  • Electronics – Drop off at MHHW
  • Fabric & Clothing – Donate or Landfill Cart
  • Film Plastic – Landfill Cart
  • Glossy Paper – Recycling Cart
  • Hangers –
    • Plastic – Landfill Cart
    • Metal – Drop off at the Recycling Center of Landfill Cart
  • Hoses – Landfill Cart
  • Incandescent Light Bulbs – Landfill Cart
  • Jack-o-laterns – Green Cart
  • Kleenexes- Landfill Cart
  • Logs – Drop off at MRRC
  • Magazines – Recycling Cart
  • Meat Scraps – Green Cart
  • Medications – Take back to Pharmacies
  • Milk Cartons – Landfill Cart
  • Nails – Drop off at the Recycling Center
  • Nail Polish & Remover – Drop off at MHHW
  • Oil – Drop off at MHHW
  • Palm Fronds – Landfill Cart
  • Pet Waste – Landfill Cart
  • Pizza Boxes – Green Cart
  • Plastic Bags – Landfill Cart
  • Plate Glass – Landfill Cart
  • Poison Oak-Landfill Cart (securely wrapped in plastic bags)
  • Propane / Butane Tanks – Drop off at MHHW
  • Q-Tips – Landfill Cart
  • Rope – Landfill Cart
  • Styrofoam – Landfill Cart
  • Shredded Paper – Recycle Cart (in paper bag)
  • Tires – Drop off at MRRC
  • Utensils –
    • Plastic – Landfill Cart
    • Metal – Drop off at the Recycling Center
  • Video Tapes & Cassettes – Landfill Cart
  • Wood (small pieces)
    • Treated or Painted – Landfill Cart
    • Untreated – Green Cart
  • Wrapping Paper- Landfill Cart
  • X-rays – Landfill Cart
  • Yucca – Landfill Cart
  • Ziploc Bags – Landfill