Community Tours & Events


2018 Community Tours & Green Cart Composting Workshop Schedule 

When are the scheduled community tours & green cart composting workshops for 2019?  2019 dates will be posted in January 2019.

  1. Saturday, February TBD
  2. Sunday, April TBDat 10 am and 12 pm as part of our Customer Appreciation Day (please click here for more information)
  3. Saturday, June TBD10 am (to celebrate “Global Garbage Man Day!”)
  4. Saturday, August TBD at 10 am
  5. Saturday, November TBD at 10 am (to celebrate “America Recycles Day!”)

Where should we meet?

We will meet outside of the Marin Recycling Center, located at 535 Jacoby Street in San Rafael. Please make sure to use this specific address, as typing “Marin Sanitary Service” into your phone/computer will take you to the incorrect location for the tour. Our tour coordinator will be waiting outside of the Marin Recycling Center in a bright orange vest to help you with parking.

What will you see on a community tour?

The community tour will begin in our “classroom” where you will learn about the 4R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle and rot) and have the opportunity to ask all of your recycling/composting questions! It will then be followed by a walking tour of the Marin Recycling Center, the Transfer Station, as well as our much-loved Flying Can Ranch.

What is the Green Cart Composting Workshop?

This short workshop will be held immediately after the tour where we will talk about which materials belong in your green compost cart, why it’s important to use this cart, as well as address any questions or concerns that you might have. Marin Sanitary Service customers who attend this workshop (in addition to the tour) will be eligible to receive one free kitchen compost pail per household.


Other important information:

For safety purposes, we require that all tour participants come wearing closed-toed shoes. For a full overview of our tour guidelines, please click here. Additionally, due to the fact that the majority of the tour is located outside, please come wearing weather-appropriate attire. In the event that it is expected to heavily rain on the morning of the tour, we will most likely need to reschedule.


Questions? Contact MSS at 415-456-2601