What Goes in Your Carts?

Organics Cart      

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Please Note: We cannot accept compostable plastics, waxed paper, waxed cardboard, cartons, palm fronds, yucca, poison oak or bamboo in the green cart. All of these items must go into the garbage cart and the lid must close.

Split Cart Recycling


What is currently being thrown away in Marin:

In 2014, Marin Sanitary Service conducted a waste characterization study to find out what is still being collected in the residential landfill carts. The study found that less than half of the material collected was classified as”True Garbage.” Approximately 38% of the material could have been placed in the green “Organics” cart which would have then been composted. Removing organic material from the landfill is a top priority for Marin Sanitary Service. Not only does proper disposal of organic materials produce a soil amendment for California farmers, the removal also has an impact on reducing greenhouse gases.

When organic material like food waste is landfilled, it breaks down anaerobically, creating methane and other greenhouse gases that leak from landfills and contribute to climate change. Please remember that Marin Sanitary Service does not sort through the materials placed in landfill carts, so it is imperative to always place all of your food scraps and plant debris in the green organics cart.