Contractor Services

LEED® and C&D diversion assistance

We can provide all the documentation you need to meet the waste management requirements for LEED projects and C&D ordinances.


If you do not need a detailed analysis of your materials or if you have a single source of material such as pure concrete or asphalt shingles, we can provide you with a letter that shows the material(s) recycled, weights, and the quarterly facility diversion rate.

Due to equipment failure, the Q1, Q2, and Q3 2018 Diversion Rates are below 65%.  The Diversion Rate remains below 65% for Q4 2018.  For contractors that need to reach higher diversion rates, it is recommended that materials be source separated.  If you haul to the facility on your own, please inform the facility you use (booth on Jacoby or the scale house on Andersen) of the contents of the load (i.e. concrete).  This way, the material will be noted on the scale ticket and can be used to show a higher overall diversion rate.  If you rent debris boxes from MSS, please inform customer service when you order the box what material will be placed in the box.  All “Mixed Debris” boxes, will receive the facility diversion rate.

2018 Diversion reports:

MRRC Q4 2018 Diversion Report

MRRC Q3 2018 Diversion Report

MRRC Q2 2018 Diversion Report

MRRC Q1 2018 Diversion Report

2017 Diversion reports:

MRRC Q1 2017 Diversion Report

MRRC Q2 2017 Diversion Report

MRRC Q3 2017 Diversion Report

MRRC Q4 2017 Diversion Report

2016 Diversion reports: 

MRRC Q1 2016 Diversion Report

MRRC Q2 2016 Diversion Report

MRRC Q3 2016 Diversion Report

MRRC Q4 2016 Diversion Report


For a Fee

We can provide detailed wastes audits of the materials collected for a fee depending on the size and complexity of materials.  There is a minimum report fee of $125 (and a charge of $75 and hour for sorting) for a detailed report that includes pictures of the waste stream, analysis of the stream, and suggestions on ways to divert more materials.

Give us a call at 415-456-2601.  Specify to Customer Service that this is a LEED and/or C&D diversion project so they can direct you to the right person.

Materials Collection

Self Haul

Please notify the attendant at the scale house that you will need documentation of the materials being sorted BEFORE you enter the facility.

Rent a Debris Box

Source separation of materials is our debris boxes is the most efficient method of collection of materials that require diversion reporting. We deliver the boxes, you fill them up, and we will collect and weigh them and provide the documentation you need. Click here to rent debris boxes.

For Safety’s Sake, Take Out Hazardous Wastes First!  There are many materials that cannot be mixed in with construction waste. Get the details here!

Materials Collected and sorted at Marin Resource Recovery Facility

Mixed C&D debris:

  • Sheetrock
  • Plaster
  • Tile
  • Stucco
  • Wood
  • Other household debris and building construction and remodeling materials



Carpet and carpet padding Yes, these are recyclable!

Bathroom fixtures

Concrete (with or without rebar)

Dirt, rock, brick

Landscaping materials:

  • Grasses
  • Leaves
  • Branches
  • Logs and tree sections