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Mandatory Commercial Recycling – AB 341

Beginning July 1, 2012, all businesses in the State of California that generate 4 or more AND all Multifamily Apartment buildings that have 5 or more units will be required to recycle materials under the newly passed law AB 341. In addition, Marin County has set a Zero Waste diversion rate goal for 2025 of 94%. This means that 94% of all materials will not be sent to the landfill but will be reused and/or recycled. Recycling is not only good for the environment; it makes good business sense and can save money.

Law Basics:

Who is required to comply?

• All Commercial accounts including businesses, schools, and institutions that generate four or more cubic yards of solid waste per week.

• All Multifamily Apartment Buildings with 5 or more units.

* One cubic yard is equal to seven 32-gallon carts

How do I comply?

You must separate recyclable materials from your solid waste stream and either:

• Subscribe to Marin Sanitary Service to collect your materials curbside

• Self-haul your materials to a Recycling Facility

• And/or allow the collection of recyclables, so that the separated material is diverted from disposal to recycling, reuse, or composting activities; and/or

• Subscribe to a recycling service that includes mixed waste processing as part of a system in combination with other programs, activities, or processes that divert recyclable materials from disposal and yields diversion results comparable to source separation

Links to law and county ordinances

Institute for Local Government .  This site has many helpful tools for businesses to use to improve or set up recycling programs.

Cal Recycle .  In addition to having helpful information on AB 341, this site has the most up to date information on all waste management issues.

San Rafael Construction and Demolition Ordinance . Details on expectations for C&D diversion.


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